Given the fact that it is something bad for the health, there is no denying that every smoker wants to get rid of smoking. However, it is so addictive that getting rid of it is not an easy choice. It is a trap that smoker cannot get away with. Not to mention that a nicotine-dependent person has to deal with withdrawal syndrome once they decide to stop. Cigarette contains over 4,000 kinds of chemicals including nicotine that is highly addictive.


The good news for cigarette smokers is that there is a new trend right now. It is called vaping. It is an addiction with no risk. As a matter of fact, the vaping community is growing each passing day.  Thanks to the benefits that vapes bring to the table. It is a very good alternative to tobacco smoking since it has no harmful chemicals that can affect your health. With four main ingredients, you can have the pleasure of high like smoking through vaping. It is far less than killing yourself with cigarette chemicals. It will not harm your body because it is not smoke, it is vapor. Let us look at some of the advantages of vaping.



Smells good

Unlike cigarette smokes that is very hard to get rid of. Vapes has a good smell that does not stick everywhere. That said, you would not have to worry about how smelly your clothes will be after smoking. You can vape everywhere without those bad smell that is so disgusting to people.

Choice of flavors

Vape comes with thousands of flavors available in the market today. Not to mention that each flavor has different levels of nicotine. You can switch flavors depending on your choice. If you are a menthol smoker, minty flavor is a good choice. On the other hand, pastry flavor is the one for you if you are a filter smoker. The fact that vapes have a Variety of flavors makes it interesting too. It even keeps you away from the idea of inhaling a stick of cigarette again because vaping is far more delicious than stinky cigarette smoke. As long as you make an effort to find the best e-juice brands, you will surely not go back to smoking again.

No second-hand smokers

It has no amount of ammonia or other chemicals that once second-hand smokers inhale can cause serious harm through time. This is because Vapors is water burned then turns into gas. Hence, you no longer need to worry about risking the health of the persons around you.

It does not add up garbage

Vape has no butts that you will throw away 20 times a day or more. With vaping, you can vape all day without trash. Therefore, you are somewhat helping the environment recover from the damages brought by cigarette smokers.