84 National Federations Now Support the “One World. One Vision.” Team! We Have Achieved the Winning Number!

We welcome the support of the National Federations of Hungary, Indonesia and Syria!

Since we are expecting that 167 National Federations are voting in the upcoming FIDE Election and with 84 National Federations now supporting our vision, we have achieved the winning number!

More National Federations are coming forward with their support for the “One World. One Vision.” team since they are disappointed with Karpov and his Team’s negative campaigning.

We would like to thank the 84 National Federations who have come forth to support Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the “One World. One Vision.” Team!

We will provide you with more updates on the National Federations supporting our team as they become available!

Gens Una Sumus
“One World. One Vision”

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