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Tips To Hiring A Letting Agent

Posted on 14 August, 2017  in Real Estate

If you have property and are looking to let it out as a landlord or you are looking to rent one. Then you require the services of a letting agent. This is a professional who has the knowledge of the real estate market. They are able to manage one’s property, look for tenants and ensure things run well. If you are looking for a letting agent such as Leicester lettings to hire as a landlord or tenant what do you look for? Below are some tips.

Hiring A Letting Agent

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Where does one begin to look for a letting agent? A reliable way is by talking to people who have hired one before. This can be found from your networks, friends, family, coworkers or business associates for property owners. Speak to them and find out whom they hired as their letting agent, inquire how their experience was, if they were or are satisfied with the service and if they can recommend the letting agent. Secondly, one can search the internet or yellow pages directory and list down agents who have listed themselves as service providers. One should ensure to do background checks on this agents.

Credentials and qualifications

One should ensure to do research on the agents. They need to have the proper licensing to provide the service. These means they have met the legal requirements to be letting agents. They should also be certified by a professional association body meaning they are accountable to a board and they operate with high standards and adhere to a code conduct.

Select a service level

As a tenant or landlord, one should know what service level they are looking for and want. There are three levels of service levels. This includes Tenant – find only, tenant – find and rent collection and full management.
• Tenant – find only is where the landlord oversees the day to day management of the letting
• Tenant – find and rent collections here the agent finds the tenant and collects rent, however, the landlord will handle any other matter.
• Full management this is where the letting agents handle everything to do with the letting property and only engage the landlord when there is a need to.
Knowing what you need, will help you get an agent who will provide the particular service.

Work experience

smssmssmsmsmsmIt is essential to know the work experience of the letting agent. How long have they been in the markets? How does their portfolio look like, how many clients do they currently have, where do they advertise their property and what is their property range cost. Can they provide references of clients whom you can call to get their experience?

Finally, consider the agent’s location. It is essential to get an agent within the area the rental property is at. They will be easily reachable when there is a need.

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