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Crib Mattresses

Posted on 8 December, 2016

Are you shopping around for furniture for your nursery? Do not overlook the crib mattress. It might be the most important item in your nursery. And anyone you speak to will probably encourage you to buy an organic crib mattress, especially if you want to keep your child safe from harmful chemicals. However, one can choose a cheap organic crib mattress that is very safe and comfortable for the baby.

Tips when choosing organic crib mattress

Consider fire safety

One of the biggest obstacles you will encounter when purchasing an organic crib mattress emanates from the issue of fire. All crib mattresses are mandated by law to have flame retardant properties. However, most crib mattresses today, even the organic kind, utilize very dangerous chemicals to conform to existing laws, this including polybrominated diphenyl ethers. And there are ways to meet flame retardant laws without using dangerous chemicals, this including using hydrated silica.


Check the labels well

Just because a crib mattress has the organic label doesn’t mean it is safe for your child. A mattress can earn an organic label so long as it has just one organic component. Do not trust the label. You need to closely scrutinize the list of materials that have been used to make your chosen mattress. And if there is no list available, find another crib mattress. Do not take chances here. The key isn’t to purchase an organic crib mattress but find a non-toxic organic crib mattress.

Wool is not always the best

Do not trust in wool. A lot of professionals have suggested that the only way to get around all the chemicals used to give crib mattresses their waterproofing properties is to prioritize woolen mattresses. However, wool is only water-resistant. It isn’t completely waterproof.

Go for natural latex

Just like wool, it isn’t enough to simply rest on the fact that your chosen mattress utilizes latex. Latex can introduce allergenic components to your baby which could cause anaphylactic shock. You need to prioritize 100% natural latex. It is much better than latex blends. There is no petroleum-based polyurethane. As such, you can trust such mattresses with your baby.



You need to find a crib mattress with the right certification. Anyone can make claims about the non-toxic nature of their mattress and the organic materials they used. The presence of trusted certifications such as GOTS and GreenGuard proves that the components of a mattress have been vetted and determined to meet the necessary organic standards.