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Features of a good cruiser bike

Posted on 24 April, 2017  in Transport

A cruiser bike is one of the most popular bikes that we have today. These are stylish bicycles that can be used to cruise around the beach on holidays. We have cruiser bikes for both men and women and they come in various styles and designs. However, when looking for a cruiser bike, there are various factors that you need to check when looking for a cruising bike. A cruiser bike is very different from other bikes when it comes to features and you need to take time to find a good one for your needs.

What makes a good cruiser bike?

Comfortable seat

One important feature of a cruiser bike is a comfortable seat. You are likely to ride your bike for a long time and you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Before buying the bicycle, make sure that the seat is wide and comfortable. Women’s bikes might have a seat that is wider than men’s bikes because of their natural women physique. These is an important features that will affect your choice.


Comfortable handlebars

A cruiser bicycle should have comfortable handlebars to make the ride smooth and comfortable. The handlebars should come with a good rubber grip to avoid friction in long distance. Wide handle bars are also good so that you can relax your shoulders and also be able to ride in an upright position without necessarily bending.

Anti-rust frame

Most of the cruiser bikes are used for beach cruising and this means you have to encounter water most of the time. You need to make sure that the frame of the bicycle is made using a material that doesn’t rust easily. Most of the cruiser bikes are made using an aluminum frame because it is resistant to rust.

Balloon tires

The tires of the cruiser bike are important because you want to make sure that your ride is stable and comfortable. Wide tires will make your ride stable and comfortable even on sandy beaches. Before buying a cruiser bicycle, make sure that the tires are wide enough for comfort when riding.


Number of gears

The number of gears are important when choosing a cruiser bike. If you are planning to be riding on a long distance, then a bike with more number of gears is important. The more the number of gears the higher the cost but it is always worth it.

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