Scientific research shows that acupuncture is an alternative to conventional treatments for stroke, arthritis, headaches, asthma, low back pain, and weight loss and many other ailments. The fact that acupuncture can help in weight loss makes it an attractive treatment option in most western countries. Many people today are struggling with unhealthy weight gains. Most of these people are looking for better ways of losing weight fast. As such, acupuncture for weight loss nyc offers a fast way of losing weight. We will look at how this treatment helps in losing weight.

Role of acupuncture in weight loss

Stress management

One of the reasons why people gain weight is because of heightened levels of stress. Because of stress, frustration, and anxiety, many people end up over-eating. Therefore, by reducing stress levels, one can eat less and thus work to reduce weight. All that you need to achieve this is to visit an acupuncturist who will insert needles in a special way to trigger the release of endorphins, which are important in reducing stress levels. With reduced stress and anxiety, one will avoid over-eating and thus work to reduce weight, thus showing how acupuncture helps in losing weight.

Hunger hormones

Another reason why people gain weight is that they feel hungry and thus end up eating. When one is hungry, there is a higher probability that he/she will over-eat to fullness. This contributes to gaining weight. The most natural solution for this is the use of acupuncture treatment. This treatment manipulates hunger hormones and aids in suppressing appetite. When you use this treatment, you will feel satiated and thus, there will be no need of eating to satisfy your hunger. If you have excess weight, you can use this treatment to suppress your appetite for you to avoid over-eating.


Speeds metabolism

Acupuncture also helps in speeding metabolism rate in the body. Another reason why people add weight is slow metabolism rate in the body. With slow metabolism in the body, one’s body will store excess fat instead of burning it. This excess fat is what makes one have excess body weight. The best way to get rid of this excess fat is to promote proper metabolism in the body to help in utilizing idle fat while burning the excess fat. Acupuncture helps in speeding metabolism rate by stimulating the pituitary, which speeds up metabolism. This helps in reducing a person’s weight since the body will get rid of unwanted fat.