Colored sand is always pleasing to look at and fun to have around in the house. Due to its popularity, it can now be purchased at your local store. You can click here to buy colored sand. However, you may be wondering, what can you do with colored sand? Well, there are many ways that you could put colored sand into use other than just having it in the house.

Colored Sand

1. Sand Art for A Flower Vasesefdsfsdfsdf

Flower vases in your house do not have to be plain and empty. You can make beautiful color designs inside a clear vase by pouring in the different shades of sand at varying intervals. As the sand pours into the flower vase, layers of the sand are formed. As more sand is poured in, the layers create a beautiful design that looks even better when flowers are put in.

2. Aqua San

Similarly, colored sand can be used to beautify a fish pond. Various shades of the sand can be poured in layers or in separate portions inside the fish pond to beautify the pond. This makes the pond, colorful even without painting it or using tinted glass. The combination of colored sand and corresponding stained lamps can be a sight to behold.

3. Play Area

It is not every day that one takes children to the beach to play with sand. Therefore, having colored sand in the children’s play area can create a source of indoor fun. Having vibrant colors in the children’s play area can create excitement for them as they play.

4. Jewelrydsadasdsdsad

Do you want to have a unique piece of jewelry that will marvel your friends? Well, colored sand can do the trick. Get a small glass tub that is light enough to hang on your neck. Then, open it and pour in various shades of the colored sand. Create different shapes as you pour it in depending on your taste.

When the glass tub is full, close it tightly to keep the sand compact. You can then make a necklace out of a rope and tie it around the bottle’s neck. You will then have made yourself a cheap but beautiful necklace.

5. Makeup Brush Holder

A brilliantly colored brush holder can be a great addition to your dressing table. To make one, simply pour colored sand into an open glass tumbler or drinking glass. You can either use one or several colors for the holder. Once this is done, simply, insert your makeup brushes with the bristles facing up and handle facing down.