Perhaps you are in class or work, and your supervisor comes next to you and asks you a question that you do not have any definite answer. And before you know it, your face begins to experience a burning sensation probably from the glares and attention that has been shifted to you. This situation ( blushing) is relatable to virtually everyone, both old and young when we find ourselves in situations that we perceive as embarrassing. Fortunately, there is advice on blushing treatments. Likewise, with the following tips, you can now be able to control blushing.

Blushing And Tips To Avoid It

Causes Of Blushing

Blushing is caused by numerous factors such as anxiety, embarrassment, stress, fear a;lkjhhjklhuiouytyuiomong other factors. These situations trigger an instantaneous physiological response releasing adrenaline-like hormones which cause the increase in blood flow from extremities to the upper region including the face. Hence, the lighter the skin, the more apparent the blushes manifest.

Relax out of it

The first step in beating blushing is always to relax out of it. Typically, blushing tends to worsen as people get embarrassed about their blushing in embarrassing situations hence creating a vicious cycle. One trick of relaxing when you get tensed during that situation is to relax your mind and body by dropping your shoulders and pushing your stomach out. This is one way of countering the increased blood flow that rushes to your face.

Announce it and accept it

The vicious cycle of blushing tends to worsen the more the blusher tries to conceal it. So the best way to deal with blushing when it is about to happen when you are giving out that presentation is to always acknowledge the fact that you are about to blush. This will immensely help you in getting relaxed with the audience while also accepting it as a part of yourself.

Prepare your mind

Self-hypnosis techniques such as meditation and yoga greatly help in training your mind to relax when you are about to blush. These techniques retrain the body to relax as you feel the urge of blushing coming subsequently making you composed. During meditation, you can always take a case in point whereby you saw someone else suffering due to blushing, and convert that feeling towards yourself. This will go a long way in retraining your mind to relax.

Visualize the cold water method

During those nervous moments when your face begins to heat up, you can always imagine that you are in a cold and wet place. You can visualize yourself diving into a swimming pool or standing outside the rain. A visualization is an efficient tool that helps you to feel colder by just imagining it.

Stop caring about it

oiuytyuioiuytyuioiuyuLastly, the ultimate solution to blushing is to stop minding about it. In fact, people care less about your blushing than you actually do. A study conducted by Harvard University has also shown that people perceive blushers as more authentic and sympathetic and make better spouses.