For women who want to lose weight, some of the questions the common concerns include: How easy can I lose weight? What proportion of weight loss can one  attain if they observe the right kind of diet and exercise? What is the recommended diet for an easy, painless weight loss? There are real life tactics for losing weight like USA Health Style – lose 10 pounds in a month that will set you up for success. Weight loss can be a gradual process or instant depending on the tactics you use and how well your body responds to them.

Start with a high protein Breakfastassddzgbgdrsyna

This is a great challenge for women, but if you manage to overcome it, you are treading on a good weight loss path. It pays to cut down on the calories you consume. Primarily, the type of sugary drinks you take in the morning significantly increase your calorie intake. Avoid the temptation of crunching the yummy high-calorie snacks and substitute them with high protein foods. Its a great way to start your morning because it will lower your cravings for more calories during the day. High protein reduces your obsessive thoughts for food by about 60%.

Keep your diet simple

You should take complex carbohydrate foods (sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal), healthy fatty foods (almonds, coconut, avocados), a lot of green vegetables, and organic foods. Ideally, take the minimalist approach to nutrition.”

Regular outdoor running Exercises

You may have little time to go the gym due to work or other household responsibilities, but with running, you simply need to step out of your house and move. It should become your daily routine. You should try half to full marathons and set a timer for yourself. You will begin reaping the benefits after a couple of days.

Try regular Weight Lifting

With the help of a professional trainer at home, you can try lifting heavy weights. One can significantly burn the extra fat. You will begin your weight losing journey just after a few months of training as you move to lifting heavier and heavier weights.

Go out for Boot Camps

sdfsdvsdscvdNot everyone loves something exhausting; boot camps are one of the challenging and grueling workouts.After going through the experience, you will find other workout exercises a walk in the park. It will make you feel like the gladiator.Need I say you will be glad at how much weight you can loose after a successful boot camp.

The bottom line is, as a woman you can expect to loose weight but it depends on the type of diet you choose regular workout techniques and how best your body responds to them.If you find your niche among this top methods stick to it and you will realize the kind of results you want.