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General Info on the Neopet Games

Posted on 21 January, 2017  in Gaming

Encountering problems with getting Neopoints? Can’t seems to understand which game works for you and how to go about that match. Looking for a match that has the best payment? This guide is here to give you the information you need. If these articles am going to talk about different Neopets games and how to play them and gain neopet points. Neopets games are not challenging at all but very quick and easy to understand how they work. You just have to work on scoring the NP required to again a Neopoint. The following are some of the Neopets games.


Usuki Frenzy

kjkjkjjkbbThis one is the easiest game in Neopets, and you can gain Neopoints for just collecting accessories. UsukiFrenzy is about agirl named Lucieshe about to go on a vacation but forgets some essentials. Lucie parents give her 3 minutes now what you’re supposed to do is ensure that Lucie gets all that she needs in those minutes to gain Neopoints.

Kass Basher

Kass Basher isan evil villain who has plans of destroying your land so what do you do? Of course, plans something to kill the bad guy. To play, grab something like a plank of wood and wait when the wind is strong and press the left button to send the wood. You can still get more bonus from this games if you hit Kass over a long distance.

Petpet Rescue

Petpet Rescue game is like a rescue mission, the evil Gargrall is imprisoning little Petpet and forcing them to work in those mines, your job is to get under this mines and rescue as many Petpet as you can to gain more Neopoints. Ensure you avoid the lava, Boulder, and stalactites because you will need to save a certain number of Petpet to move to the next level.


Meerca Chase is a must play because it’s simple. Run across the field collecting different Neggas but just be careful not to collect the red once because when you do the game is over.

Extreme potato counter

How good are you in counting? Because this game is all about counting but very fast. Some entirely organic potatoes fly past the screen your job is to count them and guess how many potatoes you just saw. Easy right? So get counting.

Korbat’s Lab

mmmnnbbDr. Sloth Is planning on making a mysterious potion in a lab guarded by nasty Korbats and Spyders. Your mission is to destroy all the ingredients and stop him from making this potion. Use the arrow key to move left and right, and press the space bar to start smashing.