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How To Avoid Hiring The Worst Garage Door Company

Posted on 5 May, 2017  in Construction

A garage door is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a house. It gives access not only to the garage but also to the house. Thus, it goes without saying that while shopping for a garage door technician, due diligence must be observed so as to pick the most qualified. To begin with, garage door installation, maintenance, and repair are exercises in trust. Unfortunately, not all garage door technicians are honest. The big question then is, how can one identify a qualified, trustworthy, and skilled technician? One thing for sure is that finding a good garage door technician can be a grueling task. More so if you are doing it for the first time and don’t have a clue about some of the industry terminologies.

How to avoid hiring a bad garage door company

Be on the lookout for the scare factor

frteyrtujytrhergWhen a technician makes comments like “I wouldn’t trust this garage door for another day” or employs some scare tactics to discourage you, it would be a good idea to comply with what he says. After all, he’s an expert. But, if he goes a step further and starts making unnecessary opinions like suggesting where the garage door should have been installed -something that doesn’t concern him. This should be as sign that he’s just diverting attention from the main issue. You better think twice before your garage door is wrecked.


Professional garage door technicians have some certification to back up their claim. Expert garage door company only hire or work with such professionals. In the company premises, there should be licenses and permits prominently displayed and authorizing the company to operate in garage door business. These documentations inspire a sense of trust and are a tell-tell sign of professionalism. If there isn’t any certification on display, then avoid that garage door company like a plague.

Ask question

Ask all the questions you have that either regards the garage door repair company. Enquire how long they’ve been in operation, what’s their take on modern garage door trends and equipment, seek for alternate recommendations, make an erroneous claim and wait for the response and so on and so an. A qualified technician will-will satisfactorily answer all your questions, explaining even with industry jargons. But, should the technician seem to dodge your questions or justify what is inappropriate, just walk away and look for a qualified garage door company.

Let everything be in writing

Never sign a blank contract form or work authorization form from any garage door company. Always insist on a written estimate before authorizing the garage door company to touch your door. Also, don’t forget to inquire about warranties. Any expert garage door company should guarantee its work. Any technician who doesn’t observe these simple rule of thumb should be dropped like a sweet wrapper.frtyghfrse

Tools of trade

Having all the necessary and vital tools to do the work os the key to quality work. Any serious garage door company should first invest heavily in equipment. Be wary of a garage door technician who shows up at your door without a toolbox and ready to install an expensive garage door. There’s no way garage door tools can fit inside a small bag like that of a kindergarten girl.